Hypnotherapy Testimonials

Inner Child Testimonial

Working with Rachael was such a pleasure. I felt completely comfortable working through some difficult blocks from my past. Her patience, persistence, and curiosity made the session enjoyable and insightful on a much deeper level.

I was able to find the answers I needed in order to meet my desire to show deeper compassion to myself and to understand the ways I had trusted and expressed myself in the past.

I have now been able to tap into my emotions and intuition to make better decisions and let go of the old shame and stories from the past.

Ashley Ann, Midvale, Utah

Self-Empowerment, Discovery, & Pain Management

Rachael is a natural and genuine healer. I first started working with her when I was going through a physically and emotionally challenging time and her gentle guidance, spot-on intuition, deep compassion, and extensive knowledge were amazingly effective. I felt relaxed, grounded, in less pain, somehow more confident and whole after just the first session. I highly recommend Rachael for any type of healing and/or soul work.

Amy D. Leasburg, Oregon

Past Life Regression

I was both excited and nervous when I booked my session with Rachael as the topic we were addressing was a fragile one. Rachael guided me with ease and grace through a past life regression and the session with her cleared up an issue that I had long standing trouble letting go of. It is clear she knows what she is doing and can handle difficult topics with care and compassion. The feedback she gave me during the integration process really allowed me to implement the changes I needed to make on a practical level. I can't wait to book with her again. It was life changing

Amy F., Santa Fe, New Mexico

Past Life Regression, Healing Current Issues

Rachael led with quiet competence and calm self assurance, which made it easy for me to relax and 'let go.' Got unique perspective on issues I have been grappling with for a long time. Truly valuable experience and look forward to my next session.

Also, I was skeptical about doing something like this via zoom -- turned out, being comfortable in my own environment actually helped achieve a good place to do work. I was afraid having my therapist on the screen would distance the whole thing. Unfounded in my case, thankfully!

Michael S., Eugene, Oregon

Anxiety, Self Empowerment

I recently spent time in a hypnotherapy session with Rachel Pruitt as therapist/facilitator. Having experienced similar efforts in the past with others, I've been especially surprised and pleased with the results from it.

I am amazed at Rachel's intuitive sense and the gentleness of the entire session.  

There had been a deep sense of foreboding in my chest in spite of regular exercise, meditation and frequent phone socializing with friends. After the session I found the feeling had disappeared and even better, it has not returned.

Kate M., Atlanta, Georgia.

Inner Child, Pain Management, and Discovery

My session with Rachael was very helpful and supportive. Afterward I felt refreshed, settled, and hopeful about the issue we worked on. We were able to do some deep work in a short period of time, and the healing effect of this has helped me move right through some old stuck patterns!  

Dawn H. Eugene, Oregon

Life Purpose and Self-Discovery

I had a wonderful hypnosis session with Rachael! I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect and her gentle kindness put me at ease. The insight I received through the story of my hypnosis session shifted my perspective in ways that allowed me to connect deeper to the truth of who I am. The intimate communication with self that Rachael facilitated is a gift that I will continue to treasure and expand from. I’m so grateful we connected, and I would definitely reach out to Rachel again in the future.

Amber B, Issaquah, Washington.