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Our souls are as vast and limitless as the stars.

Dr. Brian Weiss


Drop the phrase “past lives” into conversation at a party and you are bound to encounter strong reactions ranging from fascination to curiosity to disbelief.

Ironically, whether or not you believe in the concept of past lives, the actual process of past life regression has helped countless clients recover from phobias, fears, destructive behavior patterns, even chronic physical conditions. And the process works even if you don’t believe in past lives!

So, let’s look at why and how this works.


What are Past Lives and
How can Learning About Them Benefit Me?

The concept of past lives– or reincarnation– has been embedded in the Eastern religions of Hinduism and Buddhism for thousands of years and gradually gained traction in the West during the latter part of the 20th century.

Currently, past life regression therapy is being utilized worldwide by hypnotherapists and psychiatrists as a healing modality, pioneered by respected psychiatrists such as Dr. Brian Weiss, author of Through Time Into Healing and Many Lives, Many Masters

         Simply put, the theory of “reincarnation” is that our souls are eternal and that, after our physical bodies die, we are able to return to earth in a new body—born into circumstances that will allow us to grow emotionally and to gain greater wisdom, courage, compassion, and maturity as a soul.  

An important component of this belief is that you will often encounter the same people that you loved—or hated—in a different lifetime and that these meetings are purposeful. 

This includes the popular Soulmate concept!

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You will also be faced with choices you’ve “carried over” from different lifetimes, allowing you to work through similar challenges in your current lifetime that may have stymied–or even destroyed–you in the past.

This dynamic is often referred to as your “Karma”.

Issues Frozen in Time

Ideally, past life theory offers the hope that “this time around” you will be able to find a more authentic and healing way to respond to these same challenges and break through obstacles that have proved insurmountable in the past.

Examples of such life challenges include how you cope with abandonment, anger, abuse, perceived failure, lack of money, loss of love, or significant illnesses or disabilities, just to name a few. These issues are often “frozen in time”—and you are stuck right along with them. 

Past life regression allows you to unlock the invisible origins of these challenges—and helps to “unfreeze” these up-until-now mysterious blocks. 

Thus, past life regression is not only a fascinating process.  It offers a unique source of support, helping to uncover the personal truths you need to move forward— and to allow time to “unfreeze” so that you will, at last, be able to experience the freedom and fulfillment you deserve


Imagine for a moment that you have lived before—that your soul is eternal even though your present body will die. Imagine that you may have seen the pyramids rise, hunted mastodon in a Neolithic landscape, traveled on the back of a camel across an ancient desert, served at the court of an evil queen, braved prison and death as you fought for the emancipation of yourself and others. . .

The very idea that our souls are eternal: that we, as humans, may have already experienced literally hundreds of different lives across diverse cultures and historical time periods, as different genders and races, in circumstances ranging from the epic to the romantic to the tragic—and everything in-between–continues to fascinate us with the magnetic pull of an unexplored universe. 

A universe that already exists within each one of us.


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Past Life Clues Quiz

So, if you are intrigued by the idea that you may have lived before this lifetime—or even if you’re simply curious and don’t necessarily believe in past lives—I invite you to start by answering these questions:

After you’ve concluded this past life “quiz”, you may want to take some time and elaborate on any specific answers or reactions you had.  You may do this either by journaling or simply listing some of your answers and reactions that came up for you.

Now that we’ve begun to explore your sense of potential past lives, let’s look at how this exploration may have a practical bearing on issues you are facing now.

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What is Past Life Regression Therapy?

Regression therapy begins with the recognition that revisiting specific past lifetimes during a hypnotherapy session may allow us to address deep-seated wounds such as relationship trauma, abuse, phobias, unhealthy and embedded emotional problems, and even physical ailments. 

Past Life Regression Therapy allows you to work with a trained past life hypnotherapist to explore your unique past life experiences in a safe therapeutic environment.  The process allows you to uncover information and develop solutions to current issues, patterns and behaviors that can be very deep-seated and mysterious in origin—although the result has been a lifelong sabotage of your dreams, relationships, and goals.

There are many reasons clients seek out past life regression therapy, including simple fascination and the desire to explore “who” you may have been in a former life.  While these are certainly valid reasons for booking past life sessions, past life regression also offers many greater benefits as well.

We now know that a great benefit of past life regression therapy is that it allows clients to uncover and release ancient traumas in a direct and straightforward way

As hypnotherapist Mary Lee LaBay states:

"Opening the portal to my past lives inspired me to remain steadfast on my spiritual journey of self-discovery, healing, and greater wholeness... These experiences continually lead me to a greater understanding of myself—my character strengths and weaknesses, my patterns of behavior, my purpose, and, more importantly, where I am going from here."

Past Life Regression: A Guide for Practitioners

Here are some examples:

Healing Phobias

Often, clients are able to uncover the reasons for lifelong fears and phobias, that simply don’t make sense given present-day experiences.  For example, let’s imagine you are a client who grew up in a desert environment, yet you have an almost paralyzing fear of water that emerges anytime you get near a large body of water whether it’s a lake, river, or ocean.  You decide in desperation to explore a past life regression session and, during your first session, you discover that you were once an ancient Phoenician sailor who drowned in a sudden typhon.

Not only is this an interesting discovery.  Best of all, now that this past life “history” has been uncovered, you realize your fear of water is gone!

Cases like this have occurred in literally thousands of clients’ lives since the advent of past life hypnotherapy began in the late 20th century.

Not everyone has such immediate and dramatic results, but many clients do.  What is certain is that the vast majority of past life regression clients report that taking this journey was a wonderful and empowering decision for them.

Healing Physical or Emotional Symptoms

Past life regressions can even affect our physical health for the better!

In the following example a woman reports her life-changing experiences to psychotherapist Dr. Brian Weiss in a letter. Dr. Weiss shares her story:

“Relief from chronic pain can occur quite rapidly when its past-life roots are uncovered. For instance, a woman whom I had never met wrote to me saying that regression exercises had brought back a memory of her having been hung in a previous life.  After she made this discovery, the chronic pain in her neck—for which she had sought various forms of treatment to no avail—vanished.  One interesting facet of her experience is that she discovered that she had been hung unjustly in this past life.  Today, this woman is an advocate for the oppressed and the mistreated, a defender of human rights.  When she remembered her past life experience, she also understood her deeply ingrained inner drive to fight for the victimized.”  

Mirrors of Time: Using Regression for Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Healing

A Past Life Discovery Session May also be Helpful if You Answer 'Yes' to Any of These Questions:

The answers to these and other questions are yours to discover during a Past Life Regression Session.


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And if you find that you are intrigued by all this but are still not sure that there really are such things as past lives:


You don’t even have to believe in past lives to receive the benefits of the process itself!

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But Are Past Lives "Really" Real...?

As Canadian hypnotherapist and author Kemila Zsange puts it:

“I feel that answering the question “do you believe in reincarnation?” is like answering the question “do you believe in sunsets?”  On one hand, they both seem quite obvious to me.  I have facilitated hundreds of Past Life Regressions and have seen many sunsets...
The illusion (and the beauty) of sunset is real regardless of the fact that the Earth is rotating on its axis rather than the sun rotating around the Earth.
...Reincarnation is real for the experience, just like the sunset.”

Kemila Zsange, RCCH, Past Life Regression

Or as Clinical Hypnotherapist Dr. Judith Simon Prager states:

“What are past lives?
“I imagine that past lives are one of three things, although with mysteries being by definition mysterious, they could be one of a million things. . .
1.Really past lives or maybe even consecutive lives
2. A story we pull out of the “collective unconscious”-that pool of mythology and archetypes described by that great psychologist Carl Jung, which we all share
3.Or simply stories made up by a part of our mind which uses stories or metaphors to clarify issues for us 

“I’m quite certain it doesn’t matter. As long as it effectively solves problems.”

--Judith Simon Prager, Ph.D.
 Journey to Alternity: Transformational Healing Through Stories and Metaphors


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