My Practice

If you have read about my background, you will understand how delighted I am to offer you my services as a hypnotherapist and past life regression therapist. 

My professional goal is to offer you a unique and multi-dimensional healing experience that will transform your life.

Welcome to "Vistas For Change"

I prefer to work with clients on an ongoing basis which translates to service “packages” of between 5-10 sessions in length.  The pricing on these packages represents a significant discount from my hourly rate.

Clients I Welcome

Although I welcome almost all clients (see below for specific ethical exceptions), there are some clients that I am especially interested in inviting to my practice:

I am committed to offering a safe and healing experience for all clients, with a respectful acknowledgment of the specific challenges faced by peoples of color and the LGBTQIA communities.  I welcome you here and am honored that you have chosen me to support you on your healing journey.

Last, certainly not least, as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor, I welcome clients in recovery.  HOWEVER, I ask that you have achieved at least 4 months of sobriety before you contact me.  This boundary is to ensure that our work together will come at a time when it will be most beneficial for you.

Professional Boundaries

Although, I welcome almost all new clients, I do have certain professional boundaries that I adhere to for ethical and professional reasons.

Diagnosed Mental Illness

I am unable to work with clients who have a diagnosed mental illness.  Given the nature of hypnosis and the subconscious mind, hypnotherapy is not an appropriate modality for clients with mental illness.  I do regret this, but it is my ethical responsibility to set this boundary.

Forensic Hypnosis Session

I am also unable to offer services to clients who seek a “forensic hypnosis session”.  This refers to clients focused on recovering a specific “lost memory”.  If this describes what you are looking for, you will need to seek a specialist in forensic hypnotherapy.

Explore Personal Theories

I specifically discourage clients who simply want to explore personal theories of intergalactic beings, etc.  I am offering my services as a healer, not as an interplanetary theorist.

What My Sessions are Like
During the Pandemic

I offer sessions of 1 -2 hours in length on Zoom.  If you do not have accessibility to Zoom, a secondary choice is a phone session.  Please be sure to discuss this with me before we schedule.

I request payment in advance on my website and will need 24-hour notice if you need to cancel, otherwise, I will need to charge you for the session.

When we book our first session, following our Discovery Call, I will email you a small packet of new patient forms.  These will include your new client intake form and my own disclosure forms, which include ethical and business policy forms. They will need to be signed and returned.

Investment Costs

Reach Out Now and Discover the Person You Were Born to Be.

Per Session

  • My sessions range in price from $150 for a one-hour hypnotherapy session to $200 per hour for a past life regression session. (Past life sessions are usually an hour and ½ long.)

5 Session Package

5 for $600
  • This offers a discount of at least $150, potentially even more since I offer the more expensive Past Life Sessions as a part of our Discovery Plan package at this discounted rate.

10 Session Package

10 for $1200
  • You will receive an even greater discount if you purchase my “Life Spirit Journeys” package of 10 sessions for $1200. This translates to a $300 minimum savings, which does not include the even greater savings you will receive if I include past life sessions in your package.

Let’s Connect and Create Your Personal Discovery Plan.

The information on this website and within its linked ebooks is for informational purposes only–nothing on this website or within its linked ebooks should be construed as medical or psychological advice.  Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy is not the practice of medicine/psychology and no diagnosis or prescription will be given by Rachael Pruitt or her staff at Vistas for Change. Only a licensed medical professional can diagnose and prescribe.  Informed consent is given before the start of any hypnosis/hypnotherapy service.