We all carry wounds, what matters is what we do with them.

Be the Person You Were Born To Be Before Life Got In The Way

"You are never too old to dream a new dream." - C.S. Lewis

Hypnotherapy: A Journey of Healing and Discovery

Ever wonder why you—an intelligent, caring, resourceful person—ends up continually sabotaging your own life?

  • Why you seem stuck in a pattern of attracting destructive relationships and disastrous romantic partners?
  • Found yourself trapped in a dead-end job or with a rotten boss, knowing that every day that passes sees you giving away more and more of yourself to people who couldn’t care less?
  • Ever simply want to scream with frustration at your inability to set boundaries, always getting pulled into other people’s drama as a result?
  • Feel that life is passing you by and you’ve yet to accomplish even one of your once-cherished dreams?
  • Ever lain awake at night, feeling that no matter what you accomplish, you are still essentially undeserving as a human being?

“No matter what you are going through, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.” –Demi Lavato

Believe it or not there’s a reason for all this self-sabotage.
There’s also a cure. Let's discover it together.

Rachael Pruitt


Hypnotherapy provides straightforward tools not only to access WHY these self-destructive patterns exist within you but HOW you can begin to heal them.

Here’s How It Works:

As a client-centered hypnotherapist, I will facilitate as you access and explore the essential resources of your subconscious mind. FOR IT IS WITHIN YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND THAT THE ANSWERS YOU NEED ARE WAITING TO BE DISCOVERED. You will be aware and conscious throughout this process. The trance state which I will induce for you is merely a way of quieting your conscious mind so that you can access your subconscious and find the information you need to heal.


A Simple Yet Profound Process

You see, most often it is our “every-day”—our conscious– mind that gets us into trouble. 

Here’s Why:

Even though our conscious mind is very important, allowing us to function in our everyday life: reminding us how to drive, grocery shop, fulfill responsibilities at work, etc.—it often blocks our instinctive emotional wisdom and continues to sabotage us with negative behaviors that may once have been very useful for our survival, but are now simply destructive.

For Example:

Have you ever talked yourself out of something that you knew instinctively was a good idea—and then lived to regret it? That’s your conscious mind at work! Your “truest self”—your subconscious mind—is the part of you that tried to get your attention to make a better decision. But it failed because your conscious mind overrode it!

So, during hypnotherapy, we ask your conscious mind to take a back seat since it is your subconscious (that deeper instinctive part of yourself) that holds the key to the answers that you seek.

Answers we will uncover together.

Bridging to the past

Now It Gets Even Better:

You see,  once you connect with your subconscious mind during our trance session, you will discover not only the information you need to help you understand why these painful patterns continue to plague you but powerful and resourceful tools to help you stop this personal destruction.

Healing tools that your own subconscious mind provides.

For you see, the answers you seek have been inside you all along!

These tools will be as unique and creative as you are.

Even better, once discovered they are yours to keep forever 😊

So if you are tired of:

  • dead end relationships
  • destructive habits
  • feeling stuck with “no way out”
  • frustrated and lost
  • a sense that life is passing you by

Let’s talk!

Start your discovery process now.

Hynotherapy - A Healing & Discovery Journey


I offer a FREE 30 minute DISCOVERY CALL which allows us to:

discuss the issues you most want to address,

see if we would be a good fit to work together

create a plan geared to your individual goals and dreams